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Energetics E-Learning NEW!!
Energetics NEW!



Rates Of reactions

Effect of temperature on rate
Effect of surface area on rate
Effect of concentration on rate
Effect of a catalyst on the rate
Rates of reactions
Rates of reactions 2
Rates of reactions mindmap



The Haber Process
Haber process animation


organic chemistryReactivity series

Reactivity series flash
Reactivity series ppt
Reactivity Quiz (flash)
Extraction of aluminium
Blast furnace (flash)
Extraction of metals (ppt)



Quantitative Chemistry

Quantitative Chemistry NEW
The Mole concept
Quantitative chemistry
Relative Formula Mass
Stoichiometry Quiz (HL)


Revision Powerpoints

Acids and alkali revision
Energetics and rates revision
Organic chemistry  revision
Bonding Revision
Equilibrium & Haber  Revision
Periodic table revision
Reactivity & extraction revision



Revision Mind maps

Organic  revision map
Atoms revision map
Isotopes revision map
Bonding revision map
Periodic table map
Polymers revision map
Acids and Alkali map
Ions and gases map



Exam Questions

Atomic structure and bondingAnswers
Products of oilAnswers
Formulas and reactionsAnswers
Acids and alkalisAnswers
The periodic tableAnswers
Rates of reactionsAnswers
The reactivity seriesAnswers


Revision Checklist
Revision Timetable
Grade 11 Topics













quizzesClick for online quizzes

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Ionic Bonding NEW!!!

Energetics E-Learning presentation
The periodic table quiz
The alkali metals quiz
The halogens quiz


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