Chemistry SAT Subject (SAT II)


Here’s a basic rundown of the structure and scoring of the Chemistry SAT Subject Test (also known as the Chemistry SAT II):

  • 60 minutes long
  • 85 multiple-choice questions
  • Scores range from 200 to 800

Note that subject tests still have quarter-point deductions for incorrect answers even though this policy has been abolished on the regular SAT. Calculator use is not permitted, but you’ll have a periodic table to use for reference.

The Chemistry SAT Subject Test is offered in October, November, December, January, May, and June. In other words, you can take it on every regular SAT test date except the one in March.

Course Curriculum%

Total learning: 14 lessons Time: 10 week
  • States of matter  1 lessons 0/1

    • States of matter (gases, liquids and solids, solutions)
  • Reaction types (acids and bases, oxidation-reduction, precipitation)  3 lessons 0/3

    • Reaction types (acids and bases)
    • Reaction types (oxidation-reduction)
    • Reaction types (precipitation)
  • Stoichiometry (mole concept, chemical equations)  2 lessons 0/2

    • Stoichiometry (mole concept)
    • Stoichiometry (chemical equations)
  • Descriptive chemistry (periodic trends, nomenclature, predicting products of reactions)  3 lessons 0/3

    • Descriptive chemistry (periodic trends)
    • Descriptive chemistry (nomenclature)
    • Descriptive chemistry (predicting products of reactions)
  • Lab practices (equipment and measurements, scientific method, data interpretation)  2 lessons 0/2

    • Lab practices (equipment and measurements)
    • Lab practices (scientific method, data interpretation)
  • Thermochemistry (calorimetry, enthalpy and phase changes, entropy)  1 lessons 0/1

    • Thermochemistry (calorimetry, enthalpy and phase changes, entropy)
  • Equilibrium and reaction rates (equilibrium systems, rates of reactions)  2 lessons 0/2

    • Equilibrium and reaction rates (equilibrium systems)
    • Equilibrium and reaction rates (rates of reactions)



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